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Focus Your Activities for Success

Posted on 10 October 2017 by admin (0)

We identified reasons why your business isn’t growing in the earlier post and know let’s talk about how you can jump start your success!


Have a Plan

It been said before “poor planning = poor performance” in a number of more colorful ways, but that’s the truth. If you don’t have a plan you end up just flailing in the water. Our days, weeks, years are so busy and we have numerous distractions come up each and every day. Without a plan you will simply not perform at your capability.

Having a plan for each day helps you prioritize the activities of your day and shut out distractions. Your daily plan should be focused on actions that help you achieve your ultimate goal, “America wasn’t built in a day” or something like that 😊

As well focusing on your priorities helps put those distractions in perspective and eliminate a lot of the busy work.

Have a Routine

Having a routine helps us both mentally and physically and ultimately helps our daily progress. Your routine should focus not only on your business goals for that day but should also have a time for exercise and/or meditation. This will help clear your thoughts and keep you focused on your goals throughout the day.

Exercise is phenomenal for our bodies and minds as it releases endorphins which are known to improve our mood, giving us a better attitude. That attitude will come across throughout the day and improve relationships at home and work.

As important is to make time for your family as they support you. If you have kids at home its especially important to show them the attention and teach them the life lessons they deserve. Making all the money in the world will never replace memories and lessons you can share with your kids.

Routine at work is as important. Many times we juggle multiple projects or tasks and having dedicated times to manage each task will help keep momentum of the whole company.

Execute Accountably

It’s great to have a plan but you must Execute! We all know someone who plans everything to death, literally. They plan so much they miss there window of opportunity or run out of resources. So its important to have a plan and to have someone who you trust hold you accountable.

It sounds 2nd grade but the truth is the most successful entrepreneurs in the world have or have had mentors. That’s a primary job of a good mentor, helping you develop a plan for success and then helping you stay on track.

Mentors don’t have to be family members, colleagues or personal friends; however, they can be. They can also be other local business owners, teachers, or influencers who you trust and who has accomplished what you are attempting.