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Rise and Grind!

Posted on 17 October 2017 by admin (0)

Outwork Your Competitors, Period.


Starting a business is not easy by any stretch of the imagination. There are challenges coming from every which way and the problems you have the better. That sounds backwards, right? Think about it though, if your problems are helping find solutions either for your client or your business success, that means you’re making progress.

Most “wantreprenuers” think they can start a business and have overnight success, Facebook style. Yeah not likely! Even in the case of Facebook it took Mark several years to build the empire he has, the first years he was grinding in his dorm room or however the story goes.

A true entrepreneur realizes the work involved in building a successful business, even a local service business. It’s not “if you build it they will come” it’s, If you Build it, work your butt off, maybe they show up.

Getting your clients is one aspect along with legal compliance, invoicing, delivery, customer management the list goes on and on. As you dive into this journey, be prepared for the unforeseen.

A daily routine is not 9-5 its more like 24 hours, as things come up you have to get them done. Don’t let them pile up and bury you for the next day. The good news is your competitors are likely sleeping, giving you the upper hand.

Rise and Grind, not work later than your competitors, as you’re getting started, get up and start earlier. Like the old timers say, the “early bird get the worm”. There’s a lot of truth behind that.

Early in the morning our minds are fresh and more creative, after a good breakfast especially. A good idea is to save your mornings for more of your creative chores, and the evenings for more of the routine monotonous tasks.

The whole point is you should work, work and work some more to enter a market and edge your competitors out or introduce a new product or message.  Maybe in five, ten or fifteen years you will be able to let off the gas pedal and have your business on auto-pilot. Then you can enjoy the life the rest of the “wantraprenuers” so eagerly seek.

Rise & Grind!