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Work Smarter “Not” Harder!

Posted on 23 October 2017 by admin (0)

This has been said since the invention of the wheel, I know. But it is essential to business growth and personal growth. We live in an incredible era where we can automate nearly our entire day. Or at least what would take a day in the generations prior. Everything from communications to laundry has been transformed by technology. But it doesn’t stop there, almost everything around you is possible due to advances in technology.

Technology is usually referred to as some type of electronic technology. However, even hammer have become more efficient due to our understandings in physics.

Technological advances in businesses

Even the hammer has advanced



So, no matter your occupation you can find technology to help you master the day. With business comes bookkeeping and record keeping tasks. Along with the need for increased communications.

We spoke to several Plumbers in Boise Idaho, to find out how they have managed to streamline their businesses. These owners had several things in common we thought might help to share. Some are industry specific and other could be applied to a broad range of businesses.

First, find an automated way to bring leads in. If your planning on growing you need to invest in marketing and/or marketing automation. With local marketing being highly effective on Google, Bing and the other search engines. Find a professional to work with. It is a tough thing to do yourself due to time constraints. But it has tremendous potential and ROI, so automate and/ hire out.

Social Media is popular these days and be highly effective as well. The problem is, there are too many platforms to manage. Find a good social management platform to tie them all together and manage from one spot. You can post one time and it hits multiple platforms. A good option is Hootsuite, but there are several out there.

Second, automate scheduling, in the Plumbing industry there are several scheduling software’s which are designed to suite the need of a plumbing company. Things like parts used, time spent and change in schedules. Likely for your industry there are similar platforms. If effective, they should tie together 4-5 tasks into a single dashboard. Allowing you or the office staff to easily manage.

Lastly, Invoicing or billing and payments. This is sometimes overlooked until the end but will ease the stress if you figure it out sooner than later. We recommend using an accounting platform which can also invoice and record those invoices as they come in. QuickBooks is the go-to and a solid option. They have multiple levels of service to fit most any small to medium business.

Another key take-away was use payment terminals on-site, with your phone or tablets. If you bill monthly, set up recurring payments, it will be easier for everyone.

These are just a few examples of how you can streamline your business and its processes. We recommend going through end-end on your processes to determine where you can use technology to be more efficient.

Set yourself up for success by figuring these things out as you start and not 2 years down the